The Best Breaking Bad Character Is Back From The Dead

Photo: Ben Leuner/AMCWait, you didn't think the best TV resurrection in recent years happened on Game of Thrones, did you? Think again. And no, it wasn't Sherlock either. Because, folks, not even a pipe bomb to the face can keep your favorite fast-food-magnate-slash-drug-kingpin, Gus Fring, down. That's right, Breaking Bad fans: Better Call Saul is bringing Fring back.Vulture reports that AMC has confirmed Fring's impending resurrection on the spinoff series. We even have tweet proof from Fring himself — I mean, from Giancarlo Esposito himself. Today, the actor not-quite-cryptically tweeted...
4 Published By - refinery29 - 2017.01.12. 04:30
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